Racing Extra Liquid Cold Glider /-5°C…-15°C / 80ml


The RXL liquid glider line is the evolution of the RL line, which was recently developed and presented, but Rode have further increased its performance thanks to the use of fluor-free additives that increase the speed and shine of the treated ski base.
The RXL line gives extra acceleration, extra water and dirt repellence, extra abrasion resistance.
It has a very wide range of use as it is suitable for all types of snow: natural or artificial, new or old in its temperature range.
Aluminum bottle significantly reduce the use of plastic.
The package includes a sponge pad for application.

Air temperature: -5C ° … -15C °
air humidity: H° 0-100 %
type of snow: all with low humidity.
snow humidity: dry, slightly humid
application: apply cold: spread with the pad, let it dry, polish with nylon brush

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sept. 29 - 06 okt., 2023
Racing Extra Liquid Cold Glider /-5°C...-15°C / 80ml

Racing Extra Liquid Cold Glider /-5°C…-15°C / 80ml