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Polisport Light Pro Kiiver / 54-58cm / Neoon-Must

The new Polisport Light Pro is the most ventilated helmet in the range, combining a lightweight and durable construction to keep your head fresh even during intense rides. The Light Pro also offers a comfortable slim DIAL Retention System. Fully vented with aero design that channels the air through the air vents to improve air circulation and aerodynamic performance. Makes the cyclists forget they are even using a helmet. The interior of the shell has small thermoformed pads smartly placed to increase comfort and increase perspiration management. Chin pad improves the adjustability of the straps and provides a sleek look without loose straps. Light Pro features also an easy strap divider that can be easily locked at the better spot for extra comfort. The helmet is supplied with an extra pad set.

Kaal 0.25 kg