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A latex resistance band is a very convenient and effective workout tool for sports practitioners of all levels. The Tunturi equipment collection includes the 4 Resistance Bands Set. Each band has a different color and a different level of resistance. So you can decide your preferred intensity of the workout and you can easily switch between resistance levels. Use it during a warming up or rehabilitation process, or get started with intensive exercises to build muscle strength. The benefits of the Tunturi Resistance Band Set ✔ Versatile resistance bands set with 4 different resistance levels ✔ The various resistance levels are apparent through the use of different colors and dots ✔ Great accessory for crossfit, personal trainers, physiotherapists, chiropractors, osteopaths and more ✔ Various exercises for the entire body ✔ With convenient mesh carry bag ✔ Easy to use Go for a challenging workout with this Tunturi Resistance Band Set! Order it now! Specifications: • Weight: 90 gr. • Set of 4 resistance bands • Includes mesh carry bag • Color: Yellow (Extra light) | Green (Light) | Blue (Medium) | Black (Heavy) • Material: Natural latex

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